Jonathan is a British Triple Jumper. Jonathan is 26 & has been in the sport for about 11 years now! We asked him what his career highlight was & said told us..โ€œ..winning the England Senior Championship in 2018โ€Jonathan trains hard day in day out and says his main motivation is to win medals on an international level. โ€œThereโ€™s no higher honour in sport than representing your country and the thought of being on the podium draped in the flag motivates me everydayโ€The Long Term Goal?โ€œTo win gold at the 2022 Commonwealth Games. I moved from London to train in Birmingham at the end of last season and to win gold on what is now home turf would be a dream.โ€How Do You Spend The Off-Season?โ€œDuring the off-season you will definitely find me on the tennis courts. Thatโ€™s probably my favourite hobby outside of training. Obviously I canโ€™t play too much during the season, so when we have our off-season break Iโ€™m on the court as much as possible! Aside from that – Netflix! Breaking Bad, Narcos, Power are my top 3!โ€


Say hello to Jessie, a former heptathlete & now 400m hurdler. Jessie says that competing for England at the Commonwealth Games has to have been the highlight of her career so far, coming down the home straight in the 800m hearing the crowd roaring at you is something she said she will never forget.ย Jessieโ€™s main motivation is to make her family proud! She always visualises herself succeeding on a big stage, she experienced this in Glasgow at the CWG finishing 6th, but having switched eventsย since, she has a new goal & is keen to be on that top stage again!More long-term, Jessieโ€™s goal is the Tokyo Olympics, it is such a shame about the 2020 season being so non existent. However we have a new date July 2021 & she definitely sees herself in contention (GO JESSIE!)When sheโ€™s not at the track, Jessie works in a local independent coffee shop, spends time with her partner, family & friends; BUUUT sometimes loves that duvet day to relax & recover (we feel you!). She describes herself as a foodie, getting excited about finding quirky places to have brunch & coffee shops in her spare time.ย Jessie is so excited to jump on board with ACTIPH & we are looking forward to having her as one of our Ambassadors!โ€œTheyโ€™re innovative & the brand has an amazing back story, Jamie, breaking 2 world records rowing across the Indian Ocean. Itโ€™s always good working alongside inspirational people, & they are a close-knit family in business termsโ€


Charlotte is a Student Advisor & Personal Trainer. She was a featured personal trainer in Health & Fitness magazine twice (..GO CHARLOTTE!) Her main motivation is the gratitude that she can pretty much do anything she asks of her body. Following two heart operations, Charlotte never imagined sheโ€™d be training for an ultramarathon. She is currently training to take on a 50km run & would love to run the entire distance.We asked her what her long term goal is..โ€œ be able to tackle the full 100km raceโ€ (..we believe in you! You can do it!). Charlotte spends her free time exploring new places with her dog, Bonnie, & also enjoys baking for her housemates. She is super excited to work with ACTIPH because she has been following us since she first tried ACTIPH in 2017 & feel like her values align with ours. โ€œI may not have a 5000 mile row in my tank but Iโ€™m ready for ACTIPH to super charge my busy lifestyle, my Ultramarathon training & the event itself.


Rhys is a second year university student, studying Business Marketing at Reading University. Alongside his degree, he is a professional fitness model & has competed with the federation Pure Elite. His main highlight so far in his 4-year fitness journey was winning his pro card as the youngest competitor on stage back in 2018 (*cheers* well done Rhys!)Rhys is a huge football fan, so spends any free time watching his team Arsenal play. Did you know? He is also working for Nike as a sales athlete!Rhys is super excited to be one of our first ACTIPH Ambassadors, he has been drinking our alkaline water for a number of years & is well-aware & ready to shout about the benefits drinking ACTIPH brings. Heโ€™s looking forward to creating some awesome content with us โ€ฆWATCH THIS SPACE!


Meet Jade, she is a London-based professional dancer, as well as training & motivating lots of amazing individuals at the Boutique gym, Core Collective, situated in West London.ย One Jadeโ€™s career highlights was Performing at Wembley Stadium for the live FA Cup final!!We caught up with Jade about her motivations, goals & what she does in her spare time, Hereโ€™s what she had to sayโ€ฆ โ€œMy main motivation is achieve all of my goals. My main goal is to perform at the Brit Awards, its amazing achievement within the dance industry, & for my Mum & Dad to see me on TV is the ULTIMATE dream!โ€โ€œI am always on the move, so in my free time I book into dance intensives, train with my best friends & also try to get out socialising on weekends with my pals over a good glass of red!โ€As a fitness professional, Jade is extremely excited to work with us at ACTIPH Water as she believes in what we represent. Teaching, dancing & training are all part of her everyday life, so Jade is extremely excited to reap the benefits of our water.Excited to have you on board Jade!


Born & raised in Manchester, UK. Josh set up a page dedicated to his enthusiasm for running in the wild. At weekends he leaves the confines of his rural home in Cheshire to explore mountains around the UK. The trips hurl Josh into the present, away from the preoccupations of working life, & help him take care of himself with more attention & skill. Joshโ€™s introduction to mountain running came from living alone in the Lake District for two years in 2016. He didnโ€™t know anyone within 100 miles, & spent whole days exploring the mountain tops with a sense that he was exactly where he needed to be. A lap of Lake Windermere is exactly 26.2 miles & thatโ€™s how heโ€™d sometimes spend a Friday night. Short shorts, a fruit of the loom jumper and a phone to take awesome pictures! Josh ran the Pisa Marathon in December in 2hrs 45mins. His focus for this year is the Snowdon Mountain Marathon in October & the Wendover Woods 50 miler in November. Josh is driven by seeing what the upper limits of his health & performance are!For Josh, ACTIPH Water is a complete solution to his hydration needs for aerobic activity & recovery. Alkaline & packed with electrolytes to replenish stores on his long sessions in the mountains.


Meet Hannah-Grace, she is super excited to become an ambassador for Actiph Water.ย Hannah-Grace is a performer in the west-end and currently in @hairspraylondon which will be up and running next April. Having trained in musical theatre for most of her life, sheโ€™s found it to be an extremely demanding industry which requires you to be physically fit and healthy. Unfortunately she struggled with an eating disorder for the majority of her training but now is fully recovered and keen to share her experiences on her social media to inspire other who might be going through the same and show that recovery is worth it.ย Hannah-Grace is currently studying for her Level 2 and 3 PT course as well as a further L4 in Nutrition & GP Referral. She has a healthy mindset and wants to be able to turn it into a career on top of being a performer. Whatโ€™s her motto? โ€˜Be strong not skinnyโ€™.Joining Actiph Water means she can promote the benefits of our alkaline water with her future clients. Hannah-Grace understands the importance of hydration, especially performing in 8 shows a week!Did we mention Hannah-Grace is a keen-foodie? Go & follow her content over on IG


Say hello to Desiree, Desiree is a professional Female Athlete in the sport of Athletics and has represented Great Britain at Major Championships such as the Olympics where in 2016 she came away with an Olympic Bronze Medal which is still one of her greatest and proudest achievements in her career. After such A successful Olympics, the following year she came away with a silver medal at The World Championships hosted in Londons Olympic stadium,The same stadium that she was given the honour of lightning the Olympic cauldron in 2012 along with six other young sports hopefuls.
โ€œIโ€™m extremely excited to be a ACTIPH ambassador, as its water that Iโ€™ve used for a while now and have seen and felt positive results and I think part of being an ambassador is truly believing in the products in which you use. As a professional athlete, Staying fit and healthy is extremely important, but I also understand and know the value of hydrated muscles and well lubricated joints which is why even with water i would want to make sure that its the best quality water so that it essentially allows the likes of myself to perform at a high-level. โ€